Lucky Sunday


To tell you guys honestly, I have taught this post title since this noon. I couldn’t wait to go home. I couldn’t focus to whatever the speaker was saying when the idea came out. So impatient okay. So today I went to the seminar. I was actually supposed to be a helper for my other school campus graduation but my manager told me about this seminar a few days ago and it was a short notice

My brother sent me there and I was the first one who registered under my school name. Omg I am so proud of myself. The CEO should reward me okay hehe. Either I was too early or they were just like coming late haha


I am not joking guys. I wanted to sit at the front row but I suddenly nah I changed my mind. So I chose the 6th row, the middle. This seminar was about the students in special needs. While waiting for the others to arrive, I took a few photos that I think worth my phone space haha and around 8.30 am we had our mini breakfast



So breathtaking. I gained a lot of knowledge today. I cannot wait to share this seminar with my other teachers and importantly to improve myself to be a better teacher. Now I know better about Autism, Dyspraxia and more terms I have never heard of. The speaker kept highlighting that we as a teacher, need to be always patient when teaching them. Without patient, all will become sucha waste. They need us more that you could ever imagine. Whenever the speaker touches about Autism, my mind would go to my student who has an Autism and I felt slightly bad cause I am not truly understand what is he having and feeling. I may look like I know what he wants, but deep down in my heart, I need to learn more about this. I am so thankful for giving me chance to join this seminar

It had 3 slots, one was at 9 am, the second was after breakfast and the last one was after lunch. My phone decided to betray me today. I told my brother to charge my father’s battery bank since mine was useless (haha) cause I want to bring it to the seminar. But when I woke up today, I saw no battery at all. I almost wanted to struggle him, thank god he was sleeping. So after I had my lunch I quickly started looking for any available plug socket to charge my phone #thestruggleguys


So without caring about other people, I charged and waited for our next slot at 2 pm. The last slot was more lively and entertaining. We had to do some dance, all of those songs were our morning songs with students haha. So I kind of pro. But I had to control myself since beside me was a guy, need to look cool okay

We ended our seminar at 4.30 pm. I had teatime before I went home hehe. My father picked me up at 5.00 pm. My father asked me a few questions about this seminar, what did I learn until I told him that the speaker was an alumni from Sekolah Tun Fatimah (girl boarding school in Malaysia and it is so famous), my father went all excited and he started sharing his stories. I almost forgot that he was also from boarding school haha. He told me that his boarding school is an English boarding school and it is specially for boys only yes father we all know haha

I am truly lucky today, definitely worth sacrificing my sleeping beauty haha


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A new theme!


Yay I have finally changed my blog template! It’s time for the new theme. I spent almost 3 hours looking for the right theme (and free of course). It was not easy guys. When you are so broken, so choosy, so perfectionist, so girly, but okay scratch that. It was way too hard. I almost gave up. I told myself I have so many things to do like shower, dinner, watch movies but no my blog needs a new clothes and she must have started felt so uninspiring, lame and unwanted when thinking about her old template. Right baby?

I remember when I was in early 20s, I enjoyed playing with the coding especially Tumblr coding. It was so entertaining! My other best friend, V, was the one who taught me on how to make my Tumblr looks more stylish and cool. Talking about this, I need to go visit my abandon Tumblr haha

I am so satisfied. It was definitely worth it. I can make this as my part time job hehe


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We are not promised tomorrow


Another one more week before I completely go crazy. Yes my little munchkins’ graduation is coming real soon. I am going to be so nervous! Guys my second year of being a witness of their big day. I am so proud of them. I genuinely wish the best for them. They are going to go to big school, and no I am not gonna cry. I am cool. You will see no tears #hopefully

I am listening to Like I am Gonna Lose You since this evening. I even made screen capturing lol #sonoob. I think I like this cover better than the real one. Maybe because of their music. So let’s see when I am going to stop listening. I tend to listen to the same song over and over until I think I memorize the lyrics cause you know you need to sing a long too, who knows you can be a cover artist one day?

When I was reading the lyrics, I really loved it. It was not some cliche love song you guys have seen. Why am I always late when it comes to this. I should have looked up more earlier. I mean this song was made like a few years ago

In the blink of an eye
Just a whisper of smoke
You could lose everything
The truth is you never know
Let’s take our time
To say what we want
Use what we got
Before it’s all gone
‘Cause no, we’re not promised tomorrow
So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you..
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Brother’s big exam


If you are 17 years old and stay in Malaysia, you are probably having a hyperventilating now cos your big exam is coming real soon! Which is just tomorrow. This is your first chance to proof to the world who you really are and what do you really want to do for your future. My second brother, is one of them. Let me tell you, he is having his good time at home. He is not even touch any of his books. He told us ‘I will study in my dorm later duh’. Whatever floats your boat bro

I know he can do this, better than any of us. I mean us as me and my brother. He is a president in his dorm, he ridiculously actives in all school activities and clubs, which none of us want to hear about haha well boys being boys, they never show his ‘intelligence’ to us until he thinks he needs to #showoff

My brother jokingly said to my second brother ‘This is nothing, if you fail, you can do it again, so why worry’. So much for spirit. Truthfully, both of them are so different. The first one totally not into academic. And this one, I can say is a nerd boy. He loves helping his teachers (sound familiar right?), he likes to eat (again sound really familiar). Anyhow, both of them always say ‘yes’ to whatever things I ask them to do #goodbrothers and must love me so much hehe

Best of luck to all SPM 2017 candidates!


Yeah yeah I know I am not that short. I had to tiptoe =_= and you are just 17 okay!


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A letter to future self


I have finally gotten my voice back! I am so thankful and happy! I can go back to work and talk normally to my students and friends. No more whisper and tease me guys hehe

I am currently listening to my favorite song when suddenly an idea came out. I haven’t checked my Instagram since last night cos I just don’t feel like it so I decided to come here instead. The only place that can make me so excited. Wow you sound so pathetic. Anyway! I am going to write A LETTER TO FUTURE SELF. Yes guys, I am planning to write a letter for my future self. It was so sudden. And it’s going to be under a new category, which is ’30’. Yes I know again guys, so lame and boring haha

In another 5 years, I will be 30. If I was still 18 years old, I would probably have a lots of wish lists that I want. But now, I seem cannot list it down what I want for my future. I think that is the reason why I want to write a letter for my future self. So that later I can read it back and maybe someone will read it and say to me ‘wow look at you now, so grown up and pretty (and lucky)’ haha

Dear 30, 

How have you been doing? Are your students giving you a hard time? Are you still going home late cos you just cannot leave your work? Now really need to change your work of style. You really don’t want your husband to feel sad and think you don’t love him right? I need my second honeymoon with my husband then (insert flirts emoji) 

I am so lucky. He is the nicest guy ever! Have I told you guys that? I know you have been talking to us non stop! Like he’s the apple of your eyes and eww really. Although he has been so busy with work, and yes I am not complaining, yes I like those shoes that I showed to you a few weeks ago and you promised to me that you will buy one for me right? What I love him the most is, he never forgets about us. He always finds time to talk to us, to call us or just video call us. And my baby, Dan has been sucha adorable kid and well he listens to me more than his supposes best friend, daddy. Hello mummy’s little boy okay! I couldn’t ask for more. I am in heaven now!

My parents have been doing great, and I am so happy for them. My brother? Yeah he needs to settle down soon -_- Oh my favorite fluffy little creature, snowqi has turned into a ball of fluffiness. God he is so heavy now. GUYS WHAT HAS HES BEEN EATING?!

I am so thankful that everyone I love have been doing great. Even though sky is not always blue, and my friends have been talking about their vacation and their new stuff yeah yeah I am not jealous guys, and I believe we will always find our source of happiness at the end of the day. And what I like the most is cuddling time! God, I love cuddling! I really need to update more. I cannot promise you that, but I should write more about Dan and his loves for transportation, I mean car, tow truck, ship.. Yeah mummy should listen to you more okay? 

Oh! Guys, I need more tops. And maybe B should tag along too hehe oh and I need to try a new dish too! 


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Voice loss


Guess who is not going to work today?! Yeah it’s me! I am having a voice loss and tell you what losing a voice can be like losing you other half, I am not joking! I went to the clinic with my parents (and sister cos she gave us excuse she doesn’t want to be left alone in the house and brother is not going to look after her yeah yeah). Our family doctor checked me and he asked a few normal questions every doctor will ask and he said OKAY YOU WILL GET SICK LEAVE TOMORROW AND REST AT HOME

My mother before we went to the clinic, she kept reminding me to ask for sick leave and I was only nodded. I was not really planning to get sick leave though cos I HAVE 15 KIDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OFF! DO YOU FEEL ME MOTHER. And here I am now at my home sweet home. I am a good daughter and I am not gonna lie, I deserve this rest haha. Also, my demanding sister has been making me to talk more since she finds this amusing -_-

Let’s be real, it was so hard to talk to my students. Suddenly handicapped okay and I found that getting through a day can be a mix of frustration and fumbling with pen and paper or they made you to speak more since people don’t understand what I want to talk about. Thank god my students were very supportive and they were like my sister, they found this problem funny #kidsproblem

On the bright side, I can let my voice rest a bit. I think I have been talking a lot since 25 years ago haha. Another reason to update my blog more since writing is just the only way to express how I am feeling right? Haha hopefully I will get my voice back (soon!) and go to school back! Oh to make that happens, you have to drink a plenty of water!


With mother who was so focused hehe



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Snowqi (insert fluttering love emoji)


I was clearing out all my useless emails when I found my old sent message that I sent to a blogger who-should-not-be-said-out-loud cos I am embarrassing! Duhh what was I even thinking omgggggg

I wish I could just show it in here so that I would laugh later when I am not in a good mood but it would be double the embarrassing then! It was written in Bahasa and I almost wanted to slap my own face after reading it, really gurl. Now I have deleted it and let’s just take a deep breath. It was sent in 2012, which is 5 years ago, so I am okay yeah, the who-should-not-be-said-out-loud probably have read it and forgot about it, right?

Anyway, have you guys seen my real baby? I haven’t posted it yet so yes! Let’s welcome my baby to my precious blog! I have 3 siblings so this little fluffy guy is my 4th brother! Squishy you more! And more!



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