Spotify current mood!


Have you every felt like you have tried your very best and yet you feel everything doesn’t go as you wished? I have been texting B since I got home from work. Thank God she doesn’t have a lot of work to do and have plenty of time to listen to my story hehe

And I just cried, this woman is so easy to shed tears. I think when my mother was carrying me, she was a crybaby too hehe. I am not really want to share what has been bugging me cause I will cry again

On the positive side, I have been listening to this album!

screenshot- spotify

Have you guys watched it? It was incredibly amazing!


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Three little musketeers


This is going to be a very emotional post

School just started a week ago and I have 4 new students for this year. The rest are all existing students. In our school, one teacher only handle 15 to 16 of students. One of four of them is a special one, I am going to share about him in my other post haha

When I was teaching my students this morning, suddenly, I have a thought that they are not going to remember me once they go to big school. They will forget everything that I have taught them, so where is the fact when people say kids at early ages tend to remember everything?! You guys have been spreading a lie!

I almost teared up in front of them. It’s not even near end of January yet. Try to imagine what will happen (to me) when they are going to leave me for real? Oh god, I am going to lock our school gate, yes sounds good and acceptable. I am still (not even planning) haven’t moved on and accepted the reality of my two favorite princesses who are now in new school. Kids sure grow up too fast. I am still single and can you guys picture if I already had my own child? It’s going to be a everyday emotional posts!


My babies! They always together. And they are also the reason why I started being so emotional this morning haha you guys are mean!


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A beautiful Monday


Yay finally I can update my blog. My previous post was updated through app cos I was sick and I didn’t even have energy to carry my laptop. My laptop has been neglected. I have been putting you on sleep mode and I need to let you sleep for real now, okay after this?

Anyway today I got a half day cos I had to (again) go to clinic to check myself. I did a blood checkup. Alhamdulillah everything was okay! My blood read is normal and I almost jumped when I was in the doctor’s room haha. I was so nervous. When was the last time I did a blood check up? Probably when I was in university years hehe

So now let’s back to work! I need to start planning what to teach my students and also! I haven’t found my dress yet!


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What has been happening on Saturday


I am now laying on my parents’ bed cos I have been sick since yesterday. I have a high fever. It was started when I got home from work yesterday. I was really tired and mother picked me up from work. I went to bed and woke up at 6 ish something and cleaned up myself

I had medicines that mother gave me (still depend on my mother) and I went to sleep. It was around 3 in the morning I woke up feeling so hot that I started talking nonsense and calling for my mother (again sorry mother). My father was not in the home together with my second brother. My mother had to wake up my third brother to call my second brother to come back home

We went to the hospital and I had to wait for another 1 and half hour. I was in my pjs and looked ridiculously funny but hey sick remember? Alhamdulillah when I was in the hospital, I have started feeling better and all thanks to my mother cos she had been keeping me warm. Doctor checked me after and I went home at 5.30 AM. We stopped at McD for drive thru (I was hungry haha)

Mother (again) helped me to shower and I took a nap for 30 minutes before we sent my brother to PLKN. I wanted to stay at home but my mother refused and again I was in the car with the whole family (my second brother stayed at home cos he was so sleepy)

Throughout the journey, I was asleep. I did not know what was happening inside our car. We safely came back home at 11 AM. My mother was so tired (I felt bad at this really) and all of us took a nap and now here I am

I just picked up my phone and started checking everything. I have been ignoring my precious baby since last night haha. Alhamdulillah again, for everything that my family did for me

Oh by the way! I am getting myself a life insurance. I cannot wait to use that for emergencies call! That is my achievement in early 2018 hehe


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Planning for Dinner!


First post in 2018!┬áIt’s almost 9.30 PM and I am getting ready to bed. Yeah I know it’s still early but hey I am a teacher, and teacher needs to wake up before someone else does! Tomorrow some of my students will come back to school after a long break. I cannot wait to meet them (and to hear their stories too!)

I just logged out from a shopping website and I did not buy anything (yet). I am impressed with myself haha. I am getting better! Money, you guys are safe for now. I have been looking for a formal dress for my dinner on this February and guess what? I just realized that I need a new heels too!

Everything has been planning from head to toes. What color of my hijab should I wear, how many rings should I put on my finger and so on. I know I have like 2 months to prepare but I am just so thrilled. When was the last time I wore dress guys! This is my only chance to shop more dress! Most importantly, I am gonna wear my anklet! The only anklet that I have.. (and it’s old okay)

Should I buy more now? Haha


Maybe not cause I like rings better hehe


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Last post in 2017


I have been deleting my posts since 30 minutes ago. I don’t even know what is happening. I am just lost of words. Anyway today is our last day in 2017! In just a few hours, 2018 will be kicked in!

I am not celebrating it though. I am now in my room scrolling a shopping website, and am contemplating to buy it or not to buy it. I have made a vow and I don’t want to break it. It is so hard to keep staying in line ugh

2017 has been a great year for me. I have met a lot of amazing people, I have made a wonderful memories with my students that I would never imagined it would happen in this year. Some of my friends have been married, and soon will get their first born, so many things have happened and I appreciate every single things #notgonnatearup

Life is too short to waste any amount of time on remembering a bad memories. Just look how crazy 2017 flies. (But of course I still remember all bad things that have happened in my life, that is life anyway haha). I am so grateful cos I have a family members and friends who are so wonderful to stay with me through ups and downs. They never fail to constantly giving me advice, comfort and words are not enough to thank them!

I wanna share with you guys since this is our last day in this year. A few months ago, to be exact, in August, I realized that I have fallen in love. So hard that is getting scary. Of course he does not know but let’s just pretend I didn’t tell you guys and this actually never happened cos in 2018, I promise not to think about him so much. Cos I am not really sure about this feeling. Maybe he is just my crush? Or not.. #women

So 2018, let’s be a good friend!

Happy New Year everybody! And sleep early! #oldpeople


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More than a wish


I honestly cannot wait for 2018 to come

Let’s not talk about me turning 26 next year cos that is just inevitable. So why worry? Yeah we will see in another month, how are you going to say about this okay? Either you freak out or just play cool hehe

Anyway today I went to Teacher’s Conference. I got a lot of input from our top management and that is one of the reasons why am I so excited for 2018. I have listed all the things/ wishes that I want to happen in 2018, but the real hope is I want to be a better person

I am far from that. Instead of listing material things, these are the fact of matters that I should have focused. Without doubt, it’s going to take time, but that’s okay, slowly but surely

Firstly, I have to always love myself. Okay your children can be your first top but when it comes about affection, love between human, I should put myself in the first line. Stop downgrading yourself and believe that there is only YOU in this world, sounds cliche but that is the truth that people need to know. Even twins are not exactly same. If someone not meant to be for you (I am talking about you know love? Relationship? Haha) so let it be. If he really was the one for you, he would eventually come for you, it just a matter of time. Tips that you have to remember, don’t give up before you try something, cause you would never know

It’s not always easy to forget about something that people have done to you but there is no harm if you make a move to start a peace, it’s not for the others’ sake but for yourself. For your peace in mind. I admit it in here, that I used to hate people to death if they did bad things to me, but as time goes by, as my friends, especially B keeps reminding me, always forgive people and be easy to my heart, it really helps me to grow up and let me live my life properly. It makes me feel so calm and grateful cause I still have good friends, family and He the Creator with me throughout ups and downs. What else do I need? His blessings is just more than enough. If He helps you to be happy, He with no doubt will help you when you are down

(I am not gonna cry goshh)

Whenever I do something, almost most of the time, I will always think about my parents. They are the reasons why I am still so strong. They have given me so much love that words are not enough to repay them. While I am still breathing, I just want the best for them (but father wants me to find another job but that I have to politely say no for now haha sorry ayah!). I know I am not from a rich background family, but I always pray and work hard so that both of my parents would never feel burden. They are not getting any younger you know? Do something for your parents. If I couldn’t do this by myself, maybe I have to wait for my future prince to help me? Haha

Now let’s eat dinner, my tummy has been making a weird sound!


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