Blue Date #absolutelymyfans


Yesterday I met my cousins! It was a one week plan and we all felt so proud coz this time, we managed to make it reallll. Must be we were missing each other so much :p

We decided to go to Nu Sentral. I arrived at the mall earlier than we planned and they were right after me. While I was waiting for them, I did a loooot of interesting things that I could find haha. One of them was a vending machine. That vending machine was so unique and I could not resist. If you guys following me on Instagram, you would probably have watched my InstaStory LOL

We usually go for cycling or do something ‘fit’ but this time around, we went to the mall. Honestly, Nu Sentral has no entertainment that can entertain us. All we did were, watching movies and eat, and eat, and window shopping. Despite all that, we had so much fun walking from one floor to another floor. We were like jakun haha thank god they also provide enough lift. Or else, we couldn’t feel our legs anymore. As my cousins have already posted all our photos on Instagram, I did not want to post them in there so I came here hehe. We took a lot of photos, we even asked stranger people to take for us #noshameatall.


Our birthdays are coming real soon! Whispers it is on 22nd of July and 23rd of July okay


Gosh they are so gross. But I love them from Nando’s back to my mother’s food. I think two photos of them are enough to put on my blog. I am just too lazy to transfer all. HAHAHA


No more excuses


Hi to whoever reads my blog! I know, I should probably get going and stop giving excuses of why I did not come here for 2 days? Or more? Haha by the way! Can anyone guess what have I been eyeing these past few days?! I bet you know what it is since well, if you know me, you definitely can guess it right! Yes gurl, I have been admiring another (still shoes my priorities) new baby that I think I should get it, at least that is what my brain thinks

I believe, every (normal) woman, really needs more than one bag. You just have to always be prepared. Am I right. Yes just nod your head hehe. I swear I did not plan to add more pressure to my bank account but I had no other choice. I lied okay when I said you always have a choice to choose. It is either you want to take it or just watch it go with a heavy heart. I decided I don’t want. I need more sunshine in my life. Like today, it was so depressing. I could not decide which one is better, the mini one or should I just take the maxi one? Or should I just pick both? See when you are desperately need to save more money, the evil website will always comes to get you to join them to be more evil haha ugh #thatstotallyalie #youshouldnotbuy #shouldnot

How come this little Baby Basta looks so cute?! And adorable too?! She has a lot of siblings okay! She has 11?! Oh my goodnessssss. Tell me how to choose


But it does not just stop over there guys, she also has a big sister, lemme introduce to you, her big sister, Basta Signature


I am done with life. With all these adorable bags. I am going to get a mini culture shock for seeing sucha pretty faces



Fly to Vietnam


I have never been to any country. I have been living for almost 25 years and the only place that I have been to is only Malaysia. Laugh out loud. I have never had a dream to travel outside. I don’t think I want to go anywhere for now. But all blew away to the sky when my manager told me about her short vacay to Vietnam. I have a one friend who lives there! She is my good friend. We knew each other through Tumblr. How has she been doing now. Ah I miss her, gonna text her after this, yup

My manager and I were on our way to the shopping mall. What else you go over there if not for shopping? Haha so I asked her how was her vacay and she said it was okay but it would be more amazing if she brought more money and I laughed! I should have not asked why because that was how I started have a dream to go there. To meet my friend! (but shopping to be exact!) It’s like hitting two birds with one stone :p She went there on second day of Raya. It was unfortunate that there were no many shops open on that day. I meant hey you went on Raya holiday okay. Who were not in their minds would definitely open haha

What makes me want to go there so terribly is they sell (copy original) scarves from famous sellers in Malaysia!! Well if you know, if you really know me, I am so obsessed with tops, bags, and scarves!! And now, I have been admiring shoes quite a lot hehe. I am just like any woman.. okay. If I ever had a chance to go visit any country, Vietnam is absolutely one of them!


(Credit photo to google of course)



Kajols #absolutelymyfans


It feels so weird and incomplete when I have not updated my Raya with cousins yet hehe. It was super exciting when I finally could meet them on a second day of Raya. Sadly we did not take a lot of photos. I won’t blame other people other than food. We were so busy digging in that we did not realize that WE ALMOST FORGOT TO TAKE A FORMAL PHOTO. LET’S TAKE ONE AND THEN WE CAN CONTINUE EATING

These are the people where you don’t talk to them everyday, but you will miss them when you have not met them for quite a while. These are the women you don’t take selfies together that often but will go crazy once you got a chance. These are the Kajols who love to sing off tunes inside the car. These are the beautiful souls that I would never trade to anything except if you give me my dream bag then yes I am willingly to trade them to you haha #onlyifthatbagsoriginal




Oh and I am going to meet them again tomorrow, not because I am missing them but food, yes the only reason that always brings us together haha


Young ducks


I have to write something so that my previous post, which is YES I NEED IT will become the next post haha I swear I keep reading it as if it will appear in front of my eyes right away, see how ridiculous it sounds. Nah that does not make any sense at all. Anyway, I just got home from work. It’s everyday routine that I will take a bus to go home. I think today is not really my day because I went home with a bunch of high schoolers and you know how noisy they are especially when they are in a group. I tried so hard not to feel annoyed but damn they were talking so loud. Okay maybe they were behind me so that was the reason. I was once a high school student so I know how adult me feels when people talking without thinking other people’s feelings

Also I was not eavesdropping (again) they were standing behind me hehe and I almost puked when one of them said ‘she calls me sayang and eww if she is a GUY I don’t mind’ Err what. I do not want to touch about who is she seeing, but sis, you just said that if a guy says that, you won’t mind? I think she’s younger than my brother who is turning 17 this year. I am actually quite concerned about kids these day (perks of being a teacher, you will always care about students even they are not yours #notmindingotherpeoplesbusiness #excuseyou). I also have two siblings who are still studying. My brother who is always involved in school’ activities and pretty much don’t really care about his other important things like how to be more neat? And a sister who is turning more and more demanding. I am going to get gray hair earlier than I expected I would get just because of these two sighss




Do I really need it? #oldermeyes


I am not sure whether I should write it here or should I leave it inside my head forever. I know, I may or (may not) (bold it please) buy it in the future, as for now, adult me is still struggling to find money and have not saved enough to buy it. In fact, I am far from! It feels so wrong even to dream of having it now (oh please where are you going to get the money?!?!) Truly, I haven’t done many things. Adult me have a lot of other priorities.. Education loan, parents, siblings, cat, build a dream house, wedding.. That are just too many to think about.. But it’s going to be different for older me. I believe she will jump in joy once she got it. Again, a gentle reminder, if she got it. You know what I meant? I can already imagined it. How can you resist as something as beauty like this? Woman and beauty are best friends. How cruel you could be if you separated them. Even in just sentences. Now are you ready to meet my future-to-be mine?

Sometimes, you really don’t need a specific reason for wanting it.You just want it. You have watched how it was born, how detail it was made. Nothing, can separate you both. Nothing, but well except, if you have other better choice, then why not?

I present it to you, diorever


Oh darling, I should have not seen your world, should have not seen how much you cost, should have not checked my account bank coz now I’m crying some more. Long way to go, gurrlll

*secretly checking other best friend*


Because I love them



Yay school is back! I believe all students are happy that finally they are going to meet their brothers and sisters from different mother and father haha. Or they did not.. I was actually so lazy to go to work today! Had no motivation at all! I totally blame all the Raya food that I have eaten #sorry

Today I have decided to not take a job offer that my cousin has given me. It took me almost a week to finally come to a final decision. I have never been so stressed #kidding. I was so contemplating. The job offer surely pays me twice than I have gotten. But whenever I think about this serious matter, my little munchkins faces always come to my mind. Hello guys!! You guys are not supposed to be involved in this adults-making-good-financial-decision. I texted my cousin saying I had to reject the offer because MAINLY its nearing the end of the year and I want to make sure that my students are completely finish their syllables. So that I can leave them to other teacher in a good hand. Or in other word, I just love them so much haha see when you love someone that much, you will do anything #loveisblind

I believe, if that job is meant to be for me, sooner or later, it will be mine

Now let’s go home!