My Husband is a…


I don’t read Malay novel as much as I enjoy reading English novel. Don’t get me wrong. Lemme tell you why before you attack me hehe

Recently, I have been reading my old Malay novel that I bought a decade ago haha. I am positive I bought it either because of my friend forced me to or maybe I had a coupon book on that time haha. I remember when I was in high school, my father wouldn’t allow me to buy any Malay novel. The only reason he gave me was that I should focus more on studying. Since I was such a good daughter, I only nodded agreeing to whatever he asked me to do

Now when I am all grown up, I know why some of parents don’t allow their children to read Malay novel at young age. I have been reading this one novel, and God I cannot stop giggling, smiling and squealing because of the cheesiness! This novel is about a young student who has to get married at the age of 17 (is it legal to get married at that age? Hm should do some reading in this haha) with her cousin who happens to be her teacher at school. Can you imagine that?!

This novel is written in my mother tongue language. I get every little things that the author wants to apply in this novel. How the marriage life should work, how should you respect your husband, how to balance your school life and personal life, how to handle your friends when you are with your husband and so many (sweet) things in this one novel

It is so different when you read your English novel. You cannot really feel the characters because you know that are so not your culture. Do you get what I am trying to say? That is why my father doesn’t allow me, cos he knows his daughter will get rainbows and unicorns when she reads this kind of novel haha


In English, it says that ‘My Husband is A Religious Teacher’. Now I am gonna continue reading and fangirling again hehe

P/s: If you are still in high school, I don’t recommend this novel to you, please wait for at least you finish your high school. Unless if your parents allow you then go, I am not gonna stop you! Haha but read at your own risk! :p


Now where is my husband?


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My 1st time voting!


Yesterday was Malaysia’s General Election day. The result has came out last night and now Malaysians have been waiting for our King’s final decision. It was so challenging. It is really not easy to make a decision for your country. It will change our lives drastically. As a Malaysian, I am just want the best for all people. Whatever the decision is, I hope we all take it with an open heart and stay united. Everyone wants to live in a peaceful life and harmony. Importantly, we have to think about our next generation. The gold generation for the future

It was my first time voting. I went with my family and cousins. We had to line up for almost 2 hours and it was scorching hot. I should have applied sun block on my face haha. I can see my face darker a bit, but that’s okay cos it was actually fun. I bumped into my high school friends and my other friends too. Thank god I didn’t bump into my old crush! Haha

After we have done our job as a Malaysian, we had our late lunch at Pizza. We were so starving and let’s not talk about the service. It was so slow and my cousins were losing their patience. I think we were not the only customers who had to wait for more than 20 minutes for our food to arrive. Guess you guys also were feeling so nervous for election? Haha

A must- have photo from us, I mean whenever we meet, we have to take photos, right? But this time, only with our stained left index fingers :p


Guess where is mine? Hehe


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When dream comes true..


I am updating again! A few hours ago, one of my famous Instagram people just replied to my Line message! I was on cloud nine! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I didn’t expect her to reply since she has.. Wait how many followers does she have? Okay 1 million followers on Instagram. I have been watching her makeup tutorials since a couple of weeks ago. She is from Thailand. A small country that is not far from where I am living. Actually, I can go there with a car but since I cannot drive so car is not my option haha

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was scrolling my photos when I got a notification from her! I had to screenshots. I even updated on my Instastories haha #suchafangirl


I cannot sleep because of her! She has her own beauty makeup brand! She is one year younger than me (If I did count it properly)

I told my other best friend V about this good news too!

unnamed (1)

I met V on Tumblr. She was one of the famous Tumblr people too. I still remember that day when she replied to my message and we became friends since then. She was so nice and still is. We talked a lot of things. When we were in our university years, we used to text everyday. She was studying in Denmark and that doesn’t stop her from sending me gifts! What did I do to deserve this kindness /wipes tears

One of my wishes is to meet her and now, Archita too! Hehe. Wait did I include it in here? I wrote my wishlists in this blog. Gonna check now!

Maybe you can start hoping for Kit to reply to your messages too :p


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Story of my writing


It was so hot today. When I was taking a nap, I was sweating so bad. I was sleeping in my room at first then I moved to the living room. I couldn’t stop whining. My first brother was so annoyed with me cos he was watching movie at the living room hehe sorry brother!

I never put any of my posts on draft mode. I usually post it straight away. But before I post it, I have to make sure that everything is in order. Almost entirely, I write what I feel at that moment. My posts are mostly about my life. So it’s easy for me to update. Before I click publish button, I review my post such as my grammars, my photos (if any) and importantly what I write about is appropriate to be read for everyone

I try to write a humorous post so that whoever reads it will have a good day after reading my blog. I want to do something for people. If he/ she is having a bad day, maybe after reading my blog, he/ she will cheer a bit. If it only makes your day worse, please forgive me! Haha. Sometimes, when I have a bad day, I check my old posts. I cringe at my own style of writing. I mean why did I update about Fifty Shades of Grey!

I guess it’s not that easy to write something. You have to consider a lot of things. Even you are not a famous blogger, but you still have to be sensitive with people who read your blog. I didn’t (and still don’t) really like to share my private moments with people I don’t even know but when I created this blog, everything changes. I write to spread the positive vibes and to let my future self reads someday!

Some people create videos to capture their memories, some even update through social medias like Instagram and Facebook, but I am more confident with this platform. I am forever amateur when it comes to photography and videography so another reason to stick with this blog forever!


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Monderelly and her flaws


I really want to change my theme. I have been using this theme for months now. I tried searching for a good one but those themes are either premium or plain boring. I guess, I am going to stick with this theme for another month. By the way! Happy 1st May! LOL

I took nap this evening and I cannot sleep now. I want to go to laundry but it’s raining now. So what should I do now? Maybe you can stop using now too much

I watched one Thai series a few days ago. That movie was about love phobia. Scientifically known as Philophobia. I am strongly believe I don’t have Philophobia. I am just maybe fear of not being loved back? Haha. I have been there so I know how much it hurts. That is the reason why I choose to keep everything inside and tell anything that bothers me in this blog. I may look so tough on the outside but trust me, my heart is so fragile. I may not show you what has been happening to my family but deep down in my heart, I want to explode so much, I want to scream out loud and tell the world that I cannot do this alone

If I don’t share it with my friends about my problems or who I have been crushing on, that’s because I just don’t want them to know. They will know someday. But just not today or tomorrow haha. I can handle it, I am no longer 18 years old girl who needs her best friend or close friends all the time. Most of my friends have their own family now, I don’t want to be a burden to them. I know with all my heart that they will always listen to my stories, they will never think me as a burden but let’s just assume that your friend here is so damn stubborn okay? Haha you guys can still read my blog though!

Sometimes, I don’t know what I am capable of. I am a teacher and handling kids is just easy. Okay maybe when they are not listening or being too rough with each other, they will see another side of me. I am not gonna say I am good at cooking too cos I don’t cook that much. I am staying with my family. My mother always cooks for us. I do jot down a few recipes from my mother. So when are you going to use it for good?

I cry a lot too. I am easily shed tears. Other times, when I had this one good food that my mother made, I cried of happiness. Food makes me emotional. Actually, I am an emotional person haha. I don’t like messiness. It just irritates me so much. I have this habit where If I see things are messy or not organized, I will help them to make it clean and then you will hear my rants for another 30 minutes. My brothers are one of those people. I mean my second brother. He doesn’t like cleaning and folding and any house chores! Thank god my first brother is so helpful (not all the time too)

Have I told you guys that my first boyfriend was when I was 17 years old. When we were in a relationship, I always felt like I don’t deserve him. I told him almost everyday that if he wants to find another girl, then go, I am not gonna stop him and he laughed at me every time I said that. DUDE JUST LEAVE ME WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT ME. Thank god we broke up now haha. Maybe if I have a boyfriend now, I will say to him the same thing too. Only if that boyfriend is not Kit though hehe


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I am now having my extra class with my students. I usually do every Sunday but some of my students are going to have Sports Day tomorrow at their school

I gave them a mini exam. As far as I remember, when you have an exam, you cannot ask other people or your teacher to help you. But my students cannot stop asking me! I ask them to list all Proper Nouns that they know and unfortunately they are waiting for my answers. Should I cry or happy about this? I just want them to think out of the box

Let’s give them as much time as they need. While I am waiting for them, I wanna share that I have Line account. It’s a chatting account by the way. I use that app to chat with my international friends. I used to enjoy chatting in there but now I don’t use Line as much as I used to. I think my international friends are just busy

So if any of you have Line account and want to have more friends, let’s count me in! Haha mine is jaepanese #socreativeatlast.I know I know what are you guys thinking. I created my Line account when I was in early 20s and I was still teenager back then haha

Hope to get a new friends soon!


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Clara and Adwa


Two of my diploma friends have their own child now. One girl and the other one is a boy. They look genuinely happy and content. Sometimes, they will update about their baby in Instagram. How does it feel to have your own child? I’m with kids everyday but they are not my own child. They are my students. Two different things. I don’t know how it feels to have someone so adorable, vulnerable and small call you, mother. Someone is now depending on you, trust you wholeheartedly

Both of them are my close friends. They used to be so carefree when they were still in university. They liked to go out and meet people, they loved to make new friends while me (and probably B too) would prefer to just stayed at our room watching our favorite series hehe

But look at B now, she’s waiting to give birth too. I am all alone. She met her husband when she had a cat show. If I did remember it correctly, her husband was actually in front of her. He was waiting for his turn to register his cat I think? Anyways, you don’t want to know how many cats that woman owns! It’s just so crazy. And then boom, they planned to get married after that. So their cats actually brought them together haha

I am gonna make B name her baby, Monderelly and if the baby is a boy, no worries B, we have Kit! Haha


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