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A Navy Blue Dress

Assalamualaikum I was actually planning to update my blog on last Sunday but I was so exhausted. So that’s the reason why I am here tonight! Alhamdulillah our meeting and dinner went well! It was just I didn’t get a … Continue reading

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Mission completed

Assalamualaikum Hi baby! I just came back home from shopping with my family. Today is (another) public holiday in Malaysia. Another reason for you to love Malaysia more hehe I have finally found my shoes for my annual dinner tomorrow! … Continue reading

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When a daughter writes

Assalamualaikum I am using my brother’s earphone since he is now not at home. He is working and will be back at 7 pm. God knows how furious he is when he finds people touch his belongings haha he gets … Continue reading

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Unread letter

Assalamualaikum Today is a public holiday in Malaysia. If your workplace is in Kuala Lumpur, it means you will get another one day off tomorrow too cos tomorrow is a Federal Territory Day. I am only get one day off … Continue reading

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Assalamualaikum Last night, my mother gave me a green light to put my annual dress in my final shopping cart! Guess who couldn’t sleep just because she was too happy?! Haha I swear I was so tired My father didn’t … Continue reading

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0630 walking in the side road

Assalamualaikum It has been a raining since the last few days. Kids at my school have shown a few symptoms that they are going to fall sick if they do not get checked. I am getting worried for them. Please … Continue reading

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Assalamualaikum I am now scrolling an online shopping website looking for my annual dinner dress. Guys! My dinner is less than 3 weeks, I am freaking out It is so hard to find a dress that matches your taste (and … Continue reading

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