Not so smart


Just a few days ago, I started being a home tutor. It was not my plan actually it was more from my mother’s plan. I remember when she told me that her friends want me to teach her kids. I was just got back home from work when I got that news. Mother, at least please discuss with me haha but I said okay anyway since I thought only a few kids. Damn I was wrong! Now I have 9 students that will come to my house every Saturday just for English lesson. Wow I would never have thought I would become a home tutor. Hello I am not even good in English. So screwed man

Put aside all that insecurities feelings, I still feel so grateful. Because their mothers pick me as a home tutor. Let’s back forward to a few weeks ago. I was watching a movie with my father. I cannot remember the title of that movie. When suddenly my father asked me a history questions. I was mentally chanting in my head please not now, please we are watching a good movie, can we just forget about history? I tell you okay, my father is a big ‘fan’ of (any) history topic. So opposite with me (and his other kids too haha). I was and still is so amazed with my father. He’s now almost 60. But he still can remember all the things that he had learned when he was in boarding school. That is the different between kids 30 years ago, with kids in this generation. Honestly speaking, we don’t even master our own country history. Let alone, other countries history. This makes me think so hard. What did I learn in school? Was I not focused enough? Or maybe I am just not into a history. Why do you need to know about history when your future is waiting for you? Right? #pleasedonotletyourfatherreadsthis

I really need to read more. Maybe I need to put ‘historical’ genre in my read lists. Yes that will definitely do. And father will be proud of me, more. Oh you don’t want to know what am I doing now. I am updating my blog and secretly browsing other (shopping) websites too hehehe. Old habits just so hard to kill :p

RM 1 for this!! Well you cannot say NO!


I cry blood. If only the price is included with the phone haha. This pink girl is from here!


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