Churros for life!


It was supposed to be me-and-bed time now hehe also! Need to update my lesson plan but too lazy to get up, reach my pencil case and write. See it seriously takes a lot of efforts and lets just say I want to blogging only. It has been while isn’t. I already missing WordPress. Anyway! Today I met B. B is a working wife and she is so busy, like you have to set an appointment before you kidnap her sighs bangpik needs to allow B to spend more time with me haha please have some mercy on a loner

Both of us have made one bet. It was a long time ago. It sounds so bad when I said it out loud haha. Whoever marries first will have to treat the single one a lunch! It could be lunches lol. I have posted about this once. We decided to have our lunch date at one of our favorite restaurants which is Mohd Chan! We used to go there when we were in diploma years. They serve chinese muslim food! God you will never say NO to that. That makes us click so well okay haha. We ordered so much food. I swear they have the best butter dishes ever! And dimsum too! And lime juice? Nah

We did not just stop at one place. This is us, we are talking about. It feels just weird if we have one meal only haha. Since I have been liking churros so much, I had to order one set of churros at Zawara Coffee. I wanted with the chocolate dip but they were run out of it so had to order butterscotch. It turned out, it was more yummy! Should add that to my lists to dig in again :p We had a great time. We did not look up our phones that much. I even almost forgot to instastory hehe. Sometimes you really need to have a day off with your gadgets. We only used our phones when it was a time to take photos or when bangpik called B asking when she wants to go home sighs bangpik pleawsee we were having our moments. I mean see, we even took selfie outside the cafe haha


I had a good talk with B, I shared almost everything and now back to reality. I was in a hurry so I went to laundry after meeting B just to wash my tudung


Was the only tudung that I did not throw into washer haha. Now I can sleep in peace!


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