A new yellow car!


You did not think, this would be coming. Let’s start with a few weeks ago. I had been so busy and always came home late. I meant by late is around maghrib. I usually arrive home at 5 to 6 ish. It would be sucha blast if I got to sleep for exact 8 hours. But who I am kidding? School starts at 7.30 and you gotta be there before that time. I was so exhausted. I could not feel my toes anymore *whines some more*

I did not expect that I would be able to do it, as people been saying, you need to try it first so that you know your hidden talent. Who knows, you can actually be a leader to your own country? I kid you not haha. I told myself, you can do it, it is not that hard, painting and cutting boxes. Hello even 6 years old can do that



cute is not?!

I told you, you did not see this coming. I was so proud of myself. I know cars are not really cheap but this can blow your mind away. So easy and colourful! I had so much fun creating my own car. This is limited okay. This was for our Sports Day that just happened today. I did not even sleep. All thanks to this yellow car. I got a bit cranky but of course I did not show it, I had to look cool in front of students’ parents. Can’t have my pure image gone to waste haha. I thought my students would be throwing tantrums but I was wrong, again. Kids had a great time today, despite the crying mess and endless toilet trips haha

Guess what my student said when he saw this car?

‘Is that a cab?’


Technically it is a car, so yeah. You can say that. I should give myself a reward. Maybe a new laptop. Do you know that Machines is currently having a promotion?!


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