Ko Ko Bop


Yay it’s Sunday! I am going to my aunt’s house today and it means, more food to dig in later hehe I have been awake since 8 in the morning. I woke up feeling more okay than yesterday but when I started remembering I have some pending works to do, all the rainbows crashed away. Great now I want another weekends. Crazy I know

I had a deep conversation with my B just now. It started with our dark secret stories and how much we miss them, until our conversation goes to MY DIPLOMA FRIENDS ARE NOW EXPECTING. I told her how I was so depressed and was being so selfish. She added that this is just a phase of life. Soon, I will get use to it and she reminded me that whatever happens, please don’t hate our friends. I did not, I was just feeling unwanted haha #sohormone like I am the one who is expecting. #sorryguys

Anyway! I just want to share with you guys, who are they. They are our past dark secret, and still now. They have grown up a lot! No they are forever fetus. Shh if you know them!


I don’t even know when they are actually start growing. Now I feel like sharing when they were still tiny and innocent ugh

Credit photo as stated


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