Insecurities at 25


A few more minutes before I say my farewell to 24. Yeah yeah I know I am already turning 25. So hello 25! I am not gonna lie, I woke up feeling all sad and gloomy. The thought of finally turning 25 scares the shit out of me. I was not ready. I have never been so stressed about birthday. I used to think, a birthday is a day where a person will get a lot of presents, sweet wishes and if you are lucky you will get a lot of kisses too. But what’s happening now? I was so close to tear up but I had to control myself. It’s just another day, it’s just another day. I chanted to myself

I checked my phone and all the social media platforms that I own. Wow people must be so busy. I decided I should not overthinking and should go to shower and start my day. It was around noon when I started getting a few messages from my cousins and friends. Oh! My aunt was the first one who sent me a birthday wishes hehe. Were they just woke up? Hm

I read a little bit. Wait I think I read more than 10 pages so that’s consider a loooot in just a day. You just don’t want to know about that haha. Originally, I had a plan with my manager. We were supposed to go to someone’s wedding today, and as cliché as it sounds, it is on my birthday. But my manager got something to do, so we had to cancel our plan and that means, I could join my family trip to my aunt’s house hehe. Now I am all fresh and ready to off to bed. I am not feeling so well, and it annoys me more when my brother said ‘you are getting more older now’

It is just another day of me turning one day older you abnormally big human, sighs loudly


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