Not just a plain top


I swear I am growing up. I am a working woman now so that should give me a credit that I have been doing well in this life. There is only a few times when I hopelessly wave a white flag to my inner conflict. Especially to the things that I want so bad. I used to think that particular stuff for a day just before I let it go with a heavy heart. The dangerous question that always pops out of my mind is Do I really need it?’

My mother always shakes her head whenever I say I want a new bag. She knows that I have more than enough to dump all my things inside those bags that I own. Which I will never argue with her coz of that. She is all right! I would be so rude if I did not listen to umi hehe just like a few weeks ago, when umi told me not to go home or wait at the bus station if there is no one around. I did it anyway and out of nowhere came a guy who talked to me like I knew him, I was so scared but of course I did not show it, I had to look tough. I was pretending playing with my phone and silently praying that he got the message I don’t want to continue whatever conversation that he wanted to, thank god he got it and he left. So let’s back what was I saying hehe. I did not do it purposely, I just came across it and I had to at least go check what’s new in their website. Nothing more nothing less, just checking them

But as my friends always say, the best therapy for any woman is just.. Shopping or window shopping (online shopping for my case) you could say, either way. It has been one of everyday checklists to go, since late last year. I never bought anything from there, mostly because I always had an argument with myself, my logic self. You just have to listen to your logic self more often I tell you. I don’t really have many tops. I think? Should I go check now? No that would take you forever and you will end up buying a new tops later

I mean. Look at these pieces of fabrics. How can you not put something in the basket lists?!


I am just sucker for Lace Top. The bottom Lace Top one looks more comfy and casual. But these two just caught my eyes anyway!!


Awww seeing these make me miss my school years so much. Obviously if you are easily sweat, these definitely are not your style hehe oh I wish I could stop here, but wait until you see this one


Have I told you that Denim is also my favorite? No? So now you know bahahaha this will be perfect to match if I had a blue date again with my cousins hehe now I have a solid reason to buy more blue tops!

All these are from Labelmira Collection ❤



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