Just a few more days and say hello 25! Wow I never thought that I would reach 25 this soon. It felt like it was just yesterday I celebrated my 22 years old. Time surely flies like crazy. Soon, I will be updated me turning 30, gosh so unbelievable. So depressing haha

I used to have a wish-lists book when I was in university. It was really horrible and funny. Like one of them is watch night sky with soulmate?? Go to the concert with fangirlfriends?? Lying in the grass, probably rolling around in the mountain too?? Bahahaha you watch too much drama gurrlll. Now, I am turning into more matured adult, all my wish lists have totally changed, obviously no more night sky watching. It is getting more joyless. As materialistic as it sounds, getting more money is one of my things. I also have to think our house bills, do my sister finishes her school work, or maybe more crucial is should I get a new handbag for this month? Oh and a new shoes too? Yes for that coz my work shoes is not in a good condition anymore heee

I am so jealous with my students who have no idea what is going on with our country’s issues. They don’t care whether our Mass Rapid Transit or better known with its acronym MRT has finally launched or their teacher has been so depressed with sports day, all the care is just fun and why they did not get more candies on someone’s birthday. And I am thank god for that. They don’t need to feel all the heartbreaks and lies. See, even my post is getting more discouraging haha

Seeing my mother sleeping so soundly, makes me want to tear up so bad. I wish I could give my parents all the things that they wanted since they were still newly wed. They are not getting any younger, as I have been more aging, so do them. It’s so scary to even think about it. I wish nothing for my birthday, just a good health and happiness for them. May their lives will always be blessed

But is it too much if I want a husband on my birthday? Let’s pray hard. Maybe I should go to shower now, I feel so sticky. Oh I have a lesson plan to make too #teacherproblem. Crap




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