A new yellow car!


You did not think, this would be coming. Let’s start with a few weeks ago. I had been so busy and always came home late. I meant by late is around maghrib. I usually arrive home at 5 to 6 ish. It would be sucha blast if I got to sleep for exact 8 hours. But who I am kidding? School starts at 7.30 and you gotta be there before that time. I was so exhausted. I could not feel my toes anymore *whines some more*

I did not expect that I would be able to do it, as people been saying, you need to try it first so that you know your hidden talent. Who knows, you can actually be a leader to your own country? I kid you not haha. I told myself, you can do it, it is not that hard, painting and cutting boxes. Hello even 6 years old can do that



cute is not?!

I told you, you did not see this coming. I was so proud of myself. I know cars are not really cheap but this can blow your mind away. So easy and colourful! I had so much fun creating my own car. This is limited okay. This was for our Sports Day that just happened today. I did not even sleep. All thanks to this yellow car. I got a bit cranky but of course I did not show it, I had to look cool in front of students’ parents. Can’t have my pure image gone to waste haha. I thought my students would be throwing tantrums but I was wrong, again. Kids had a great time today, despite the crying mess and endless toilet trips haha

Guess what my student said when he saw this car?

‘Is that a cab?’


Technically it is a car, so yeah. You can say that. I should give myself a reward. Maybe a new laptop. Do you know that Machines is currently having a promotion?!



Ko Ko Bop


Yay it’s Sunday! I am going to my aunt’s house today and it means, more food to dig in later hehe I have been awake since 8 in the morning. I woke up feeling more okay than yesterday but when I started remembering I have some pending works to do, all the rainbows crashed away. Great now I want another weekends. Crazy I know

I had a deep conversation with my B just now. It started with our dark secret stories and how much we miss them, until our conversation goes to MY DIPLOMA FRIENDS ARE NOW EXPECTING. I told her how I was so depressed and was being so selfish. She added that this is just a phase of life. Soon, I will get use to it and she reminded me that whatever happens, please don’t hate our friends. I did not, I was just feeling unwanted haha #sohormone like I am the one who is expecting. #sorryguys

Anyway! I just want to share with you guys, who are they. They are our past dark secret, and still now. They have grown up a lot! No they are forever fetus. Shh if you know them!


I don’t even know when they are actually start growing. Now I feel like sharing when they were still tiny and innocent ugh

Credit photo as stated


Insecurities at 25


A few more minutes before I say my farewell to 24. Yeah yeah I know I am already turning 25. So hello 25! I am not gonna lie, I woke up feeling all sad and gloomy. The thought of finally turning 25 scares the shit out of me. I was not ready. I have never been so stressed about birthday. I used to think, a birthday is a day where a person will get a lot of presents, sweet wishes and if you are lucky you will get a lot of kisses too. But what’s happening now? I was so close to tear up but I had to control myself. It’s just another day, it’s just another day. I chanted to myself

I checked my phone and all the social media platforms that I own. Wow people must be so busy. I decided I should not overthinking and should go to shower and start my day. It was around noon when I started getting a few messages from my cousins and friends. Oh! My aunt was the first one who sent me a birthday wishes hehe. Were they just woke up? Hm

I read a little bit. Wait I think I read more than 10 pages so that’s consider a loooot in just a day. You just don’t want to know about that haha. Originally, I had a plan with my manager. We were supposed to go to someone’s wedding today, and as cliché as it sounds, it is on my birthday. But my manager got something to do, so we had to cancel our plan and that means, I could join my family trip to my aunt’s house hehe. Now I am all fresh and ready to off to bed. I am not feeling so well, and it annoys me more when my brother said ‘you are getting more older now’

It is just another day of me turning one day older you abnormally big human, sighs loudly


When your sister makes you look 10 times fatter -__-

Yes I am forever a camera shy :p



Not just a plain top


I swear I am growing up. I am a working woman now so that should give me a credit that I have been doing well in this life. There is only a few times when I hopelessly wave a white flag to my inner conflict. Especially to the things that I want so bad. I used to think that particular stuff for a day just before I let it go with a heavy heart. The dangerous question that always pops out of my mind is Do I really need it?’

My mother always shakes her head whenever I say I want a new bag. She knows that I have more than enough to dump all my things inside those bags that I own. Which I will never argue with her coz of that. She is all right! I would be so rude if I did not listen to umi hehe just like a few weeks ago, when umi told me not to go home or wait at the bus station if there is no one around. I did it anyway and out of nowhere came a guy who talked to me like I knew him, I was so scared but of course I did not show it, I had to look tough. I was pretending playing with my phone and silently praying that he got the message I don’t want to continue whatever conversation that he wanted to, thank god he got it and he left. So let’s back what was I saying hehe. I did not do it purposely, I just came across it and I had to at least go check what’s new in their website. Nothing more nothing less, just checking them

But as my friends always say, the best therapy for any woman is just.. Shopping or window shopping (online shopping for my case) you could say, either way. It has been one of everyday checklists to go, since late last year. I never bought anything from there, mostly because I always had an argument with myself, my logic self. You just have to listen to your logic self more often I tell you. I don’t really have many tops. I think? Should I go check now? No that would take you forever and you will end up buying a new tops later

I mean. Look at these pieces of fabrics. How can you not put something in the basket lists?!


I am just sucker for Lace Top. The bottom Lace Top one looks more comfy and casual. But these two just caught my eyes anyway!!


Awww seeing these make me miss my school years so much. Obviously if you are easily sweat, these definitely are not your style hehe oh I wish I could stop here, but wait until you see this one


Have I told you that Denim is also my favorite? No? So now you know bahahaha this will be perfect to match if I had a blue date again with my cousins hehe now I have a solid reason to buy more blue tops!

All these are from Labelmira Collection ❤





Just a few more days and say hello 25! Wow I never thought that I would reach 25 this soon. It felt like it was just yesterday I celebrated my 22 years old. Time surely flies like crazy. Soon, I will be updated me turning 30, gosh so unbelievable. So depressing haha

I used to have a wish-lists book when I was in university. It was really horrible and funny. Like one of them is watch night sky with soulmate?? Go to the concert with fangirlfriends?? Lying in the grass, probably rolling around in the mountain too?? Bahahaha you watch too much drama gurrlll. Now, I am turning into more matured adult, all my wish lists have totally changed, obviously no more night sky watching. It is getting more joyless. As materialistic as it sounds, getting more money is one of my things. I also have to think our house bills, do my sister finishes her school work, or maybe more crucial is should I get a new handbag for this month? Oh and a new shoes too? Yes for that coz my work shoes is not in a good condition anymore heee

I am so jealous with my students who have no idea what is going on with our country’s issues. They don’t care whether our Mass Rapid Transit or better known with its acronym MRT has finally launched or their teacher has been so depressed with sports day, all the care is just fun and why they did not get more candies on someone’s birthday. And I am thank god for that. They don’t need to feel all the heartbreaks and lies. See, even my post is getting more discouraging haha

Seeing my mother sleeping so soundly, makes me want to tear up so bad. I wish I could give my parents all the things that they wanted since they were still newly wed. They are not getting any younger, as I have been more aging, so do them. It’s so scary to even think about it. I wish nothing for my birthday, just a good health and happiness for them. May their lives will always be blessed

But is it too much if I want a husband on my birthday? Let’s pray hard. Maybe I should go to shower now, I feel so sticky. Oh I have a lesson plan to make too #teacherproblem. Crap




Blue Date #absolutelymyfans


Yesterday I met my cousins! It was a one week plan and we all felt so proud coz this time, we managed to make it reallll. Must be we were missing each other so much :p

We decided to go to Nu Sentral. I arrived at the mall earlier than we planned and they were right after me. While I was waiting for them, I did a loooot of interesting things that I could find haha. One of them was a vending machine. That vending machine was so unique and I could not resist. If you guys following me on Instagram, you would probably have watched my InstaStory LOL

We usually go for cycling or do something ‘fit’ but this time around, we went to the mall. Honestly, Nu Sentral has no entertainment that can entertain us. All we did were, watching movies and eat, and eat, and window shopping. Despite all that, we had so much fun walking from one floor to another floor. We were like jakun haha thank god they also provide enough lift. Or else, we couldn’t feel our legs anymore. As my cousins have already posted all our photos on Instagram, I did not want to post them in there so I came here hehe. We took a lot of photos, we even asked stranger people to take for us #noshameatall.


Our birthdays are coming real soon! Whispers it is on 22nd of July and 23rd of July okay


Gosh they are so gross. But I love them from Nando’s back to my mother’s food. I think two photos of them are enough to put on my blog. I am just too lazy to transfer all. HAHAHA


No more excuses


Hi to whoever reads my blog! I know, I should probably get going and stop giving excuses of why I did not come here for 2 days? Or more? Haha by the way! Can anyone guess what have I been eyeing these past few days?! I bet you know what it is since well, if you know me, you definitely can guess it right! Yes gurl, I have been admiring another (still shoes my priorities) new baby that I think I should get it, at least that is what my brain thinks

I believe, every (normal) woman, really needs more than one bag. You just have to always be prepared. Am I right. Yes just nod your head hehe. I swear I did not plan to add more pressure to my bank account but I had no other choice. I lied okay when I said you always have a choice to choose. It is either you want to take it or just watch it go with a heavy heart. I decided I don’t want. I need more sunshine in my life. Like today, it was so depressing. I could not decide which one is better, the mini one or should I just take the maxi one? Or should I just pick both? See when you are desperately need to save more money, the evil website will always comes to get you to join them to be more evil haha ugh #thatstotallyalie #youshouldnotbuy #shouldnot

How come this little Baby Basta looks so cute?! And adorable too?! She has a lot of siblings okay! She has 11?! Oh my goodnessssss. Tell me how to choose


But it does not just stop over there guys, she also has a big sister, lemme introduce to you, her big sister, Basta Signature


I am done with life. With all these adorable bags. I am going to get a mini culture shock for seeing sucha pretty faces