She’s married!


I am still cannot believe it that my only best friend, B, have got married! It’s been a week and I feel like it was just yesterday I came to her house to witness your last day of being single! Man where is our promise?! You promised to me that we will grow old together! Okay that was a lie. We NEVER made that kind of promises because hey we want suami okay. The only promises that we created together were whoever gets suami first have to treat the single-when-are-you-going-to-get-married a lunch! Or maybe 3 meals. Yeah sounds cool.

But seriously, I am so happy for you from the moment you told me that you finally have found your man to all your love stories. I tried so hard not to cry and I’m proudly say I managed to do it. I thought you were going to cry too! But no, both of us did not! I am glad, if we did cry, I believe it would be much harder for both of us, especially for me to let you go. Hashtag clingy since 18.

Do you still remember our first meeting? It was our first day in college. You were the first one who came to our dorm and the first one who took my favorite bed! And I never looked back since. You were and still are the best unexpected surprises that have ever came into my life!


Tell you what, we never hugged like this, so this is something new (read: fishy LOL) for us haha nevertheless, I was touched. Aww happy marriage! Please make cute babies, soon. And send them to my school!

I gotta go now, wifi is being super annoying. I had to re check for 1000 times. My cue to sleep! Bye!

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