A Navy Blue Dress


I was actually planning to update my blog on last Sunday but I was so exhausted. So that’s the reason why I am here tonight! Alhamdulillah our meeting and dinner went well! It was just I didn’t get a chance to win any lucky draw for this year! I won last year! Haha

My annual dinner was on Saturday night. It was at Palace of the Golden Horses, one of the top hotels in Malaysia (as what Google has stated) but guys I think they need to reevaluate again #serious. Anyway here are some of my photos that (my teacher mates) managed to capture! We took a million of shots but these are the only decent photos (and acceptable)

Pstt I did my own make up and I should reward myself!






I took off my wedges and walked with my barefoot cos I couldn’t hold anymore haha

The next morning, which was on Sunday morning, we got a heart-to-heart talk with our top managers. We also had a very palatable food for breakfast! Th e only things that I enjoyed staying in this hotel

I mean look at us, so happy (and so not genuine haha)




I brought 3 shoes, they were my wedges, sneaker and this comfy flat shoes! Thank god I brought you


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Mission completed


Hi baby! I just came back home from shopping with my family. Today is (another) public holiday in Malaysia. Another reason for you to love Malaysia more hehe

I have finally found my shoes for my annual dinner tomorrow! God it was so hard to look for my size. Either it was too big or too small. We went to the nearest mall but since today is a public holiday so most of the shops were closed. I almost gave up and I told my mother that ‘It’s okay if we couldn’t find it, I will just wear my old high heels’. But deep down in my heart I wanted a new one! Haha

We decided to go to another mall. It took us 20 minutes from our first mall that we went. Have I told you guys that I have such an amazing family? Cos they were so patient waiting for me to pick the right shoes. We went from one shop to another shop, from first level to the highest level. It felt like we were on mission!

Be patient good things take time as I chanted in my brain. But of course my heart always feels that we are running out of time! After almost like 30 minutes of searching, we finally got what I wanted! And it was on sale too! See, I told youuuu, be patient!

I had to take one photo of my dream shoes! Yes yes I know I have a lot of dream shoes. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit #selamat. This could be my dinner shoes!


Now I need to continue packing #sighs


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When a daughter writes


I am using my brother’s earphone since he is now not at home. He is working and will be back at 7 pm. God knows how furious he is when he finds people touch his belongings haha he gets all mad when he is not in mood #emotional

My family members always say that I have my father’s intelligence. He speaks English so well, and he knows almost everything. But I don’t know most of everything. I google a lot. My father doesn’t do that. He watches news to gain more information. My father who I always call Ayah’ reads a lot. He used to like writing. He used to have his own journal book. People have been saying that a daughter follows in his father’s footsteps the most, and I couldn’t agree more

I sometimes be called as a ‘Neat freak’ by my supposedly sweet brothers. As I grew older, I realized a few things. I like to write, I like to express my feelings through writing, I like to clean and I like to nag. My brothers find all these so troublesome haha #sorrybrother. When there’s time my brothers don’t want to listen to my father, guys they are just ugh so stubborn. I blame their growing hormones for not cooperating well with them and I will always be the positive one to take in my father’s words seriously. Who else would do?

I just love my parents so much. I can feel a hugeeeeee lump in my throat. Talking about them always make me want to cry a river. They have sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings. My father is not from a wealth people and I know how he has been struggling to keep us alive and healthy. Sometimes, I always think that a reason why I am still cannot find my partner because I need to help my parents. I have to ensure that my family is happy. I know there is nothing much I can do but being with them just make me so content (and emotional haha)

I know I am that age where people will never stop asking when am I going to get married but hey you know you cannot stop people’s curiosity. Let them be. Remember you have family. Your family that all matters. My father has never voiced out about me not finding my partner yet. I believe, he knows that when the time is right, when we all ready to let me go, I will surely find the one for me ❤

I don’t wannna cryyyyyy



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Unread letter


Today is a public holiday in Malaysia. If your workplace is in Kuala Lumpur, it means you will get another one day off tomorrow too cos tomorrow is a Federal Territory Day. I am only get one day off though #stillgrateful

I just finished cleaning out my bookshelves. Most of my books consist of my university books. I found a few books that I would never thought I would own them. I mean when did I buy them?!

One of the cheesiest books that I bought. Guys! This book is really not for me. The author talks about marriage and tips to be more romantic?? Okay maybe I can keep in mind a few tips that he shares in here hehe

thumbnail 1

So umm, anyone is like this guy? Other than this cheesy book, I found my old diary book. What was I even thinking back then? Let’s not talk about it. I might puke! I am hoping my father won’t see it. My Old Self wrote sucha sentimental wishes

But one thing that topped it all off was a letter that I found. I must have dumped it when I was so heartbroken. It was not a love letter, but a friendship letter. I read it and I almost made myself to call my ‘used best friend’. It’s funny to look it back now. This letter is so meaningful. I wrote everything in here. What I felt at that moment, I cried and I laughed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reach my best friend. I cannot remember why I didn’t give this to her. Sometimes, it is better to keep things to yourself, rather than you speak it out loud, for a reason that you don’t want to hurt them more #sodeep

thumbnail 2

She makes mistakes, so do I. My Old Self has learned lessons, I am more than happy with my life now

Anyway, today my parcel has arrived! My annual dinner dress! I have tried and thank God, it fits! My mother lovess it so much, and now she wants to buy it for my sister too #ugh

thumbnail 3


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Last night, my mother gave me a green light to put my annual dress in my final shopping cart! Guess who couldn’t sleep just because she was too happy?! Haha I swear I was so tired

My father didn’t say much MAYBE I think that dress looks simply pretty. So he was starstruck? Kidding. Anyway one problem has settled! Now I am looking for heels.. #neverending. On the other side of my friends, my diploma friend has been setting me up with dates. My sweet friend of mine is also expecting and waiting to give birth. How on earth she has time for finding a perfect guy for me?! Did I just say a perfect guy?

I told her so many times that I don’t really have a specific guy that I want. He can be whatever he wants. And she found it so complicated #sorryfriend. I am not really choosy when it comes about finding a right guy. But somehow you just need to be really confident that he is actually for you. I have texted her guy friend and I didn’t feel anything. I know it was only a few hours of texting but I just don’t want to push myself and that guy too. So that’s it. Her first trying of matching me with a guy, has failed! Haha

I really appreciate her efforts though. I am blaming B too. She was the one who gave this idea. I didn’t know until I told B about this date thingy. She goes ‘oh yes I told A that to help you to find a partner’ really B?!

Maybe, just maybe, I want someone who is charismatic when he is with other people but shy when he is around me. And of course he needs to love me more than I love him! I have one guy in mind, ready to see? No, this time I am not gonna lock my post cos everyone knows him. If only you are in the same fandom

So where to find clone? Lol


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0630 walking in the side road


It has been a raining since the last few days. Kids at my school have shown a few symptoms that they are going to fall sick if they do not get checked. I am getting worried for them. Please don’t get sick please don’t get sick cos I need you guys to be in my photos bahahaha

Today I went to school with a public bus cos my father’s car needs to be repaired #old. It was still early in the morning when I walked to the bus station. My mother was sooooo nice cos she said to me ‘I will walk with you’. So 6.30 in the morning, mother and I were walking in the side of the road to the bus stop. I should have brought something to eat. It took almost 20 minutes for my bus to arrive, man I almost dozed off lol

Surprisingly, it was so quiet when I stepped into the bus. The bus was full with high school students. And you guys know how noisy they can be #wewerealllikethem. It was not that bad. I thought it was going to be so bustle and annoying and it didn’t! I am starting to like taking a bus in the morning. Either they were just too sleepy to talk or didn’t take their breakfast yet. I am thankful for that haha

I am praying it’s going to be like this morning everyday!


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I am now scrolling an online shopping website looking for my annual dinner dress. Guys! My dinner is less than 3 weeks, I am freaking out

It is so hard to find a dress that matches your taste (and within your budget). I have been searching since my CEO told us about our dress code for our upcoming event. I have a few dresses that I have been eyeing and they are now waiting to be added in my final shopping cart haha. I have showed them to my parents since you know I will be using their money haha #broken

I am so tempted to show them in my blog but I don’t want to spoil it. I have posted about my ‘dream dress’ for my important days (I am far near it haha) and I think I need more choices too. BUT THIS DRESS IS SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE AND IT’S ALMOST RM1000. SEE IT EVEN HAS MORE THAN TWO ZERO I CRY

Imagine if I was the one who wore it. It’s going to be so lucky. It looks super nice for my engagement dress. Yes dream high gurrll hehe. As people have been quoting that a high amount of price comes from ensuring that good products are produced! So you see my point? Haha

Oh my annual dinner dress is way more cheaper than this #life



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