Welcoming Serena


Today is a public holiday due to Deepavali! Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends! Wishing you have an amazing celebration with your family and friends! Anyway, I may or may not have been skipped a few tips of my diet style. It all started on last week when my father cooked our favorite dish and I had to eat rice, gosh really need to be more disciplined

On the bright side, I bought a new pair of shoes! Okay don’t ask me about the color cos you have already know, I would never choose weird colors. I either end up buying black or normal colors. I know I know I have sucha boring taste. Ready to meet my other good friend? Hehe I am so excited to share in here

Tadaaa! Thank god they have a big size. Told ya my feet size is perfectly normal :p


My mother when she saw this, she goes ‘have you ever thought on buying other colors in the future?’ I only grinned. I am planning to wear this on my students’ graduation day. I have been looking for another friend too, just in case I change my mind to not wear this one. You gotta come with a backup plan, that is a smart (and wise) every woman will do


I NEED THIS, DESPERATELY WANT YOU IN MY LIFE. STRAPPY HEELS IS JUST MY THINGS. But are you sure you wish for this? If you plan to wear this later on your students big day, you really need to think your wise choice again. I mean you for sure need to run and dance. We don’t want a free show don’t we? Haha

I am certainly not a Cinderella too




I have changed

When was the last time I updated about my love for shoes? I think it was on June which was a few months ago, and now I feel like I have to put something new in here. I really need to make up my mind on what should I buy for next month expenses. I said that I have to buy a new phone in December but after seeing all these little trouble makers, my mind somehow have spoken that do you need a new phone?

No no I should always remember that I am in not in a good budget so I have to always be a smart customer. WHY IS MY BUDGET ALWAYS NOT HOLD A GOOD NEWS. Don’t always listen to your heart as sometimes heart tells you lies. Pretty much about everything you feel, so instead of making my heart clench in pain, I should put them in here and maybe, maybe someday when I have bought a new phone, I will just say hi to them and I will put only one in my shopping cart yup, cross my heart

Gorgeous. That is the only word that can describe how pretty you are


Did I say I want to buy an iPhone 6? Oh I didn’t right? So for sure I will buy these two later!

zalora-3369-1836621-1zalora-2202-9736621-2iPhone could wait, but this! I swear my heart was crying in pain. I should have just closed my tab. But no, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, you are just simply amazing, elegant and sexy (please put kisses emoji here)

miss-kg-9585-9177921-1I know my choice of colors are pretty boring but hey at least this one can save a lot of your money hehe. It’s less than RM50! Hopefully they have my size ;'( My feet size is perfectly normal for 25 years old ok!


That’s all for now. We will see which one that I will buy, or maybe none of them, sighs. Check my bank account. Sighsss some more. My brother bought a pizza! Gotta go now!


When your siblings stay with you..


My mother just showed me some tragic news that happened to a young married couple, who were just 18 years old. If you wanna know the full story, please go to Facebook and search for it okay hehe anyway! School holiday has started! Sadly, my school is open cos we are private school duhh

My brother and sister are having a mini party in my room, really guys?! Please leave me alone I wanna write something okay and clearly I don’t want you guys to read it out loud. Great and now they are going to bring our cat too, wow the more the merrier as people say

I have been listening to Charlie’ songs since this evening (and have updated my Instastory and Whatsapp too) and I seem cannot stop. Even my brother told me that my taste of music is horrible, hello brother! Did you just insult my Charlie?! If you guys already know, please just skip this line hehe where is now Charlie has a new song, How Long! It’s sooooooooooo heaven! Thank god, we need a new song isn’t? We have been into Attention for God knows how long 

Actually I wanted to update about something else, but this thought just popped out, sorry cannot help to write it :p

I mean, how can you say NO to this american guy





Everyone has their own favorite childhood movie. Mine got a few that I dearly loved since I was a kid. Undoubtedly, the top list would be a Disney movies. Guys, I have been growing up with those fantasy movies, which is may or may not have affected my life so far. I have been taught on how to be more patient when handling a rough life, how to consistently believe that there is someone out there is meant for you, it’s just a matter of time though. Also, step mother is not always that bad tsk, you know that

I have never had a dream of having a prince charming in my life cos I have always known that there is always have a line between fantasy and reality. Once the movie ended, you are back to your real life, there is no more pretty dresses, prince charming, talking pots, dancing frog, and kisses-make-you-better

Even I am 25 now, I am still watch my favorite childhood movies. A few weeks ago, I shared with my students about a movie titled Oliver and Company. That is the best pet movie ever, and if you haven’t watched it, please do it now. I cry whenever I watch it, it just kittens are simply vulnerable. They make you want to protect them forever okay!

And now, I am re watching Anastasia. For how many times? I have lost count haha. I don’t want to talk more about it, I want you to go sit down and have your sweet time with Anastasia okay?


11.47 updates


So my parents are not in home, they are going to hypermarket to buy groceries. And here I am with my sleeping cat who likes to sleep in his litter box, God. No wonder you always smell like a poop. Thank for your cute genes

By the way, recently we have been so busy with preparation for our little students’ graduation on November. I can feel it, from my stomach up to my head that we need to do this fast as we can. Guys, who says being a choreographer is easy?! Anyway this is not the reason why I am here. I just want to type something cos it’s been a few days since I updated

I think I need to shower first and come back after I am done. This laptop need to be charged and let’s just say I am too lazy to take my charger in my room so


Is it worth it?


I just showered and I feel so fresh! It’s going to be a quick update cos I need to eat dinner with my family and oh I just remembered that I have to do weekly assignment (yes guys being a teacher doesn’t meant you don’t need any assignment)

These past few days, I have been eyeing an iPhone 6. I know, now we already have an iPhone 8 and whatnot but 6 is more affordable! (And cheap for me haha) I am using iPhone 5s 16GB and I think it’s time for me to get a new one JUST BECAUSE MY IPHONE HAS RUNNING OUT OF SPACE, GUYS 2GB LEFT I CRY I NEED A BACKUP ASAP!

I will pass my phone to my brother. To be honest, he needs it more than me. Have I told you guys that his old phone has exploded. And now he cannot stop bothering me to give him my phone. Now I have a reason to get an iPhone 6, sooner! I have been using my phone for more than 2 years so another strong reason to buy it right?

I saw a promotion on machines website, and I went crazy. Guys! How could you do this to me?! I am planning to buy it on December okay not this month! It’s not only machines, but switch also makes a promotion. Really guys?!

Sighs. Sighs some more. I need to be more patient. We will see how it goes okay! Now let’s eat!



1 year!


Guess what just turned one today! Before today ends, I want to celebrate today’s special! Yes today marks one year of being a teacher! I have been going through a lot in a year and I really should reward myself with something new

By the way have I told you guys that my eye shadow palette has arrived! I bought it through online which is from Sofwanah Cosmetics. It is sooooooooo small! Literally fits my one palm. I did not expect it would be that small. I cried when I saw it. It was not a happy tears k guys. I texted B saying my parcel is finally here and B was so thrilled. Honestly, I didn’t feel that way. Probably cos of the size and gonna be honest, some of the shades are not really pigmented haha but whatever as B said, I can always buy a new one. Really B? You buy it for me okay? :p

Alright back to the track, I want to thank to all these beautiful souls for always being there for me, through ups and downs. They always stick with me (like they have another choice anyway haha) and I think I am so lucky for having them in my life. What would I do without them. I cannot do this alone, they are my supporters, my counselors, my loves and my family. How can we not talk about family. When family’s all that we got? Right, familiar with these sentences? Haha

So gonna type faster so that I can eat dinner and shower! And resuming watching kshow too

My parents. They always give me motivation to keep going, to keep doing. Do not do things halfway. Finish it until you are satisfied. Don’t let people look you down and treat you badly. You are human too. React smart and handle it with rationally. Of course I will cry if people treat me bad and that is just like a part of me haha especially when my father pats my head every time I shed tears. THAT DOESN’T HELP ME AT ALL AYAH. They are the reasons, why I am still stand on my feet


Ah yes this woman. Can I just say her name only? I think I talk about you a lot in my blog. So yeah this is B. You know I wanted to put you later, but I need you, no, your money to buy me a new handbag so yeah that’s all haha


MY FOREVER GANG. Who never make me want to meet them everyday haha. And to Nad, thanks so much for giving me this job! These two darlings who always talk about work, football, work, what is our weather today and all those serious stuff. I bet you can guess which one like the football and in the process of moving on from ‘his’ last lover hahahahahaha #sorryadamiloveyou


We come to an end! I cannot wait to eat mee goreng! Ayah cooked it and he’s already calling us to eat. Oh yes, these two. Well welcome to my fab life! And please treat me more food okay!


Oh I have other friends too okay. So if you are my friends, and I did not mention you in here, sorry? Haha