Sort of 2018 wish lists


Let’s be honest. I have tons of things that I want to buy. A lot. I can literally spread my arms widely. Just to show you guys how many are they hehe. But the thing is, I need to slowly make them be mine. As 2017 coming to an end, I just got an idea to list down all the things that I wish to have in 2018 or maybe I can just skip forward to another year hehe

I have never done this. Or maybe I did, a few years ago when I was still a teenager. You know being a teenager makes us do a lot of weird things. I remember when I bought a cute notebook and I wrote a few wish lists and one of them was to sing a song with my future? My god. I almost cried of embarrassment. I didn’t know I am that cheesy. Why do I feel like I have shared it in here but I forgot about it? Never mind, so let’s we do what I want in 2018

  1. Buy myself a new phone. Really gurl, my current phone is dying. Physically. And I am tired of buying a new tempered glass for every month haha #clumsy
  2. A new purse. I know I know, I need to stop buying bag/ purse but I cannot help it! At least need to buy one. Okay maybe a branded one so it will last longer #perharps
  3. Get myself a driving license. Wow didn’t believe it right? Yes I don’t have a driving license yet. I usually go to work with public transportation or someone/ family send me off. I am a princess :p
  4. Since I wish to have a driving license so I need a dream car too. I used to like Gen-2. It is a local car. I don’t think they produce that car anymore though. It was waaay when I was in high school. And honestly cannot think of one, and I am just not really a fan of cars or whatever related to that so for now, I will just say I want Honda Jazz or Polo car? Actually local car is fine with me, so yeah
  5. To stay fit. I am a bit taller for my age. Or maybe normal. Yeah I would say 169cm for 25 years old turning 26 is normal height. But I still need to stay healthy and fit. I am still single and not yet married so I need to look fit all the time! You will never know how your future looks like so gotta be prepared!
  6. Go exercise. I am so lazy. If I got a day off or a long break, I would love to spend it at home. Yes just stay at home basically. I know staying at home and not doing any productive activities will lead you to unhealthy life. I am aware of that. So really need to get rid of this unhealthy habit. Oh I am going to the park with my sister tomorrow! See I am slowly getting better haha
  7. Travel far from Malaysia. I have told you guys, I have never been on a plane. I really wanna go somewhere far from Malaysia. In my mind now, I want to visit Istanbul, actually anywhere is fine as long as they have a delicious food yeah #notthathardtomakemehappy
  8. Give my cat a life partner. He has been a loner since he was brought to this house haha. So need to find him one pretty cat
  9. A real ring diamond. I know I have more than 10 rings, but guys! They are not even real. They are fake okay. So it’s time for me to buy a real one, but I have a lot of choices in my mind and I cannot decide which one is better than the rest cos ugh choosing the best diamond is difficult. I need someone to help me with that or maybe I will just buy the most wanted one, yeah
  10. Get a new house. I am staying with my parents. I don’t even plan to move out though cos I am still single haha so you got the hint? :p
  11. Saving more and spend less. Yes I really need to discipline my self when it comes about spending money. And let’s be real, most of my payslip have been spending on food!
  12. Read more. I really love to read. Any kind of books. I do read news too. Just to keep my mind occupied and gain more information. Sometimes reading is better than listening. So read more! I mean more useful knowledge okay
  13. Celebrate my birthday. When was the last time I celebrated it properly? I am not really bother of not celebrating it, but let’s just say that I want it to happen for this year. Maybe I can just buy a slice of cake and pretend someone buy it for me #sosad
  14. Buy a new bra! Oh yes this need to happen for this year. Shopping for inner clothes yup
  15. Less drama more realistic. Who doesn’t love drama? Haha but I need to know the line between reality and fantasy. You are turning 26, so now need to be serious okay? It’s okay to be a little child once in a while but not all the time! #goingcryoverthis
  16. Enjoy do your work
  17. Find your man! Easier said than done okay. But you would never know if you didn’t try #yeskeepsayingthat
  18. Update more blog cos you need to remember every little things that happen in your life, bad and good. Good memories give you happiness, the bad one will give you a lesson 🙂
  19. Treat your skin better. I don’t have a nice skin, got a lot of scars and my future will be so unlucky to see haha
  20. As for your 17th wish, if you couldn’t find one, that’s okay, you can bring that wish to the next year haha
  21. A new laptop. This one will be given to my brother!
  22. I want to see penguins!
  23. Make B to stop buying more make up products unless for me. Gurl this girl is unbelievable okay haha
  24. Be good to everyone unless they do something bad to you then you beat them up! LOL
  25. Go live concert!
  26. Sky Seeing. I went to Port Dickson with my teacher mate. If you guys are Malaysian, probably know that PD has a lot of beaches. I am not really a fan of sea but I love seeing it from a far. We even slept on sand! And witnessed all the shining stars on the sky, mashaAllah they were so beautiful
  27. Go around KL and do nothing. Just walking and taking train. Cos I love train! I am just like the sound of train, I don’t even know why
  28. Really need to get myself a boyfriend haha

So that’s for now. Those were just popped out of my mind haha. Only some of them have been wishing since a long time ago. IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO PLEASE ME HAHA. We have like 22 days to go before 2018 show itself. Let’s just pray for the best okay!


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Beauty Plus Application


So I realized when you put protected post in your blog, you will turning into a paranoid person. I had been checking my protected post just in case someone hacks my post (hello your followers far near to 100 okay please). Also what if I forgot my password? God it would be sucha troublesome! I mean I wrote about my little crush and I honestly don’t want anyone to know but I want to remember it someday so yeah geddit?

I am currently at the laundry service shop with my parents and little sister. We got a lot of dirty clothes that need to be washed! While I am waiting for our clothes to be cleaned, I dropped here cos I miss writing. I have a lot of stories I want to share. When I was in high school, I shared it with my best friend or close friends. Now they are wives and busy women (and some of them have become mommies) we don’t really have time to share about little things (but I still bug B cos she needs more happiness in her life haha)

Speaking of her, a few days ago, she showed me that she just installed a new app called Beauty Plus and she loves it so much. Since I am sucha good friend, I installed it too and gurl now I cannot stop playing with it. I told you, I don’t do cute things, but this!

I am crying. So cute! I am sucker for cute things! ❤️

I am totally blame B for this. Oh and my long break has started! Where to go now?


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Protected: Let’s go home

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What the future holds for me?


My mother, who I adoringly call umi, always jokes that she loves money the most. She even reminds me to find someone who has a lot of money, or more richer than us cos let’s accept the reality, we are poorer haha. She tells me that someone has to buy me everything that I want, bring me to anywhere that I wish to go since they cannot do that with me, no I am not tearing up now. I am happy just being with my family. Don’t ever say like that again okay umi?

But I know deep down in her heart, she is not really meant it. When she’s being serious, she will only tell me to find someone who loves me more than anything. She believes, love can make me happy, cos when there is love, there is happiness

I have never put any criteria that I want for my future husband. I am just not really like the idea of choosing someone just because he has those qualities. How do I say this. Let’s say if I say I want my future husband is a sport racer and I couldn’t find one, I would be so heart broken, that would make my whole life miserable and I don’t want that. He can be anything that he wants as long as when I look at him, I know he’s the one for me, and I believe in my Creator’s plan, He is the best, He knows all. So why worry?

One thing for sure, I want to do everything with him. I want my first everything be with him. Go travel with him, hold his hands, kiss him first in the morning, laugh with him, watch silly movies together, try a new food with him, go cycling together cause we eat too much haha and maybe we can rent a helicopter too?! I have never been on a plane let alone a helicopter hehe. I have always wanted to go sightseeing from the sky. I am not really a fan of sea but seeing it from the sky would be so memorable. Oh I cannot wait for that! It sounds so fun. Should I start saving my money now?

I know sometimes I am just dream too high. Too high to reach. I am so aware of that but that’s okay, If I couldn’t do all these with him, I will do it alone, cause being alone is not that bad, right?

No I don’t want to be alone. I take it back. I want to do it with you.

Where are you?


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End of school for 2017


Today, we had our quarterly progress report with parents. It also means, I had to say my final goodbye to my 6 years old students as they will be going to big school on next year. Guys, I could feel it, I had been trying so hard not to cry. I had hugeeee lump in my throat. No I cannot cry, you have to be professional and you can cry later when you are at home, alone and with your oppa

Some of my students couldn’t attend today so they need to reset another appointment with me. They met me one day earlier, which was yesterday. I have always been the type of person who is so hard to let go of someone who I am so attached to #clingycannothelp. I have shared with you guys that I have one student who is Autism. God, I wanted to cry so bad, this is not the end yet as I chanted in my brain, he is just going to another school which is not that far from our school and he lives in our area too, yep nothing to worry okay? He’s just one call away

He had been with me since early this year and now he’s leaving for real. I have seen how he managed to make a new friends, to speak up more, to take care of himself more better and more importantly how he enjoyed his school. I pray so hard that his future will always be bright and easy. He may forgets about me in another 10 years, but that’s okay, as long as I remember him, I will always pray the best for him!

thumbnail 1

I love when he smiles so genuinely when he sees his family. Guys he has never smiled at me like that. See how important family roles is! #notcry

Being a teacher makes you a good observant too. I have one student who always cries whenever she comes to school. She always says that she wants her mummy, always wants her mummy to stay with her until she goes inside of her class. There was one time, when I almost gave up and wanted nothing just to let her do whatever she pleases as long as she stops crying. I gotta do something, I reminded myself. This is my student. Her mummy told me that her daddy is not staying with them cos he’s working in another country which is so far from Malaysia. And that makes my student always feel unwanted and unloved. When her mummy shared with me all these, I couldn’t think anything other than how my student has been going through in her life. She’s still young, so pretty and in the age of 5 years old, she already know how does it feel to be left alone and didn’t get much love as she supposed to. I cannot really blame her daddy though, and I am for sure cannot take his daddy’s side too. Whatever you do something, as parents, you always have to be selfless for your little ones, maybe it’s time for his daddy to stay with her now? I hope my student can be more stronger as life will be going much harder for you later darling. I know she can!


You guys already used to seeing me instastory with my students, but I have two students who I always call them as my loyal cats cause we like to use cat-thingy on Instagram! Haha both of them are 6 years old, and that another sad reality I need to face which they are leaving me too. Now who’s going to be on my instastory?! Why you guys have to leave me this soon! Can’t you guys stay with me at least until I get my own kids!

thumbnail 5

I am not gonna cry tonight. It’s okay both of them have a sibling and their parents are going to send them to our school too and that means I can meet my loyal cats whenever their parents pick up their siblings later haha #tryingtobepositive

thumbnail 3

To Zara (right) and Qisha (left), I know you guys are bright students, always speak with me in English (confidently and let’s just pretend I don’t know their grammar mistakes), always offer your hands to help your teachers and friends, like to being so cheeky (that’s definitely Zara), love to do free dancing in front of me (Zara too), always willing to be on my instastory and above all, both of you will always be in my heart ❤




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We are all in this together



Let’s fast forward to the climax moments okay. We arrived at the headquarter’s hall around 11.30 ish something. We got lost #typical. We could arrive earlier than that but alhamdulillah we made it

Our event started at 1.30 pm so we had at least 2 hours to prepare our kids. Emotionally and physically cos you would never know what would happen when you are handling a small humans. I mean tears are their best friends. Oh and shouting too. So get ready with wet tissues and endless trip to rest room. This was a big event of our school. We wanted everything to run smoothly and no missing kids been reported haha. Once the students have arrived, we prepared them and waited for our turn. We got 3 campuses on that day. So you guys don’t want to know what was happening in our room. Everyone decided to test their voices at the same time. I didn’t know anymore who was going to listen to us haha. This year I handled a dance team, so you know that makes me unofficially a choreographer. How I wish I hired the pro

We had been practicing for almost 2 months, that should make them a good dancers and I prayed so hard that my students can remember all the steps well. When I looked at their faces yesterday, nothing matters anymore. It’s okay if they missed some steps as long as they feel happy on stage and can show to their parents that they can do it well than original artists lol. I was actually a bit unhappy cos I didn’t manage to take their photos and videos. And now we are waiting for our official photographers!

Guess what I have been listening to since this morning? Yes our dance song! Seems like it’s going to take some time for me to actually move on haha. I almost wanted to cry seeing them dancing contentedly. They were just so good. They made my heart cries of happiness! #toldyoumyemotionsareeverywhere





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My ring collections


If you guys have been friends with me for more than a year or years, you guys should have known that by now I am a diamond lover (or anything sparkle or bling or whatever things that shine out the most lol) Or specifically I am a sucker for accessories things hehe. I will go all blind and yes-I-must-have-those look whenever I see them. I even told my mother that I want a diamond ring for my wedding or maybe I don’t need to wait for my wedding day to buy those ridiculously expensive rings right? Really gurls, don’t wait for that guy to buy it for you. You can buy it for yourself okay!

You will see my rings from stainless steel to silver to RM 10 kind of rings hehe. As long as I find them pretty and diamond, yes baby you are mine now. All my rings have their own names, guys my pretty babies should have name

I think this is one of the rings that I have been owning for quite a long time. Maybe since my university years or earlier than that. It was so cheap guys. I don’t remember when was the last time I wore it, should I wear it now? What I like the most about this ring is, it has a unique design. It looks like a crown. That’s why I named it Little Crown hehe

This is Basic Girl. Nothing much to say about this ring haha. I used to wear this ring everyday. And this was only RM 10! Worth my money!

OH MY GOD. That was literally what I said when I saw these two. No kidding, I even lied to my brother about this. I was buying something for my family with my brother and I told him that I need to go to the restroom where the truth was, I was buying these ladies. May I introduce you guys, my Medina. I bought them at Arabic shop so yeah geddit?! Haha also if you guys are Muslim (or even not Muslim, you guys HAVE TO KNOW CAUSE THAT IS THE CITY NAME OKAY) sorry just like being dramatic haha

These two are silver material. I have posted about these rings in my blog. Okay maybe the big diamond. They were quite expensive but I don’t really wear them more often now. The big diamond has a minor scratch cause of my clumsiness haha. I wanted to call them sweetheart at first but nah I changed their names to Lovelia #creative

These are Amanda. Obviously I named them after Amanda Bynes haha. They somehow remind me of the She’s the man movie haha. They look so simple but cute lol

Last but not least, my Aido rings! I know I am genius, I named them cause they look like I-do kind of ring haha, so future husband now you know what kind of ring should you buy to propose me hehe. Oh these two are not silver, they are stainless steel and they were so affordable!


I wear my rings like this. They are stainless steel. I don’t really like to wear them separately as I always take them off before I go to sleep. And it makes my finger looks slimmer too lol. Oh I am sorry you guys have to see my chubby fingers #Ineedtostartdietrealsoon

P/s: Actually I have more than these but I don’t know where did I put them. So as for now, these will do!

And hope you guys buy more ring too! Habib rings are just love okay! And expensive too (criessss)


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